How Booksi Works

What is involved with and how does the resort preview rate work?

Are there blackout dates?
Booksi Members have access to numerous offers in which availability will depend on the actual property specified. Although there are no “official blackout dates” we offer inventory assigned by the hotels directly which works on a first come first served basis.
How do I get reservation-related assistance?
Booksi Members can log in and navigate to the “Support” tab where there are options to create a support ticket for our team to provide any assistance you may require. It is our intention to provide immediate assistance to customers with our general response time being within 30 minutes.
Can I buy extra nights to extend my stay?
Each hotel has different policies regarding additional nights. To find out if this is possible and what the rates would be, this would be discussed with the reservations team when booking the exact dates. This would mean purchasing the deal and then receiving the information on extra nights when creating an actual reservation as the options of extra nights will differ between hotels and times of year.
What is included in the offer?
Our deals offer a range of benefits from Breakfast, All-inclusive, Theme Park Tickets and even Onsite Resort Credit in some cases. Unfortunately, these deals do not include flights or transport. The number of travellers accepted on each deal will vary and will be visible on the offer page and the terms of the promotion in question. Please view each deal to see the exact benefits included.
Is the cost per person?
We are pleased to tell you that the prices shown on the cart page before payments are made are always based on a total cost for the accommodation. Some offers also have additional benefits included but the cost is always based on the full travelling party regardless of that being for 2 or 4 people and regardless of the deal including breakfast or all-inclusive. The cost shown is the full cost of the vacation, not per person and not per night.
Are there any hidden fees?
Our deals show all fees before any payment is made. The fees involved are based on the amount quoted for the offer plus the taxes and fees added in the cart before payments are made. The only additional fees for the accommodation which may or may not apply based on each individual deal is the “Resort Fees” which are charged at the time of booking dates. These fees vary depending on the individual hotel deal. To see if there are any resort fees applied to the hotel you are interested in please view the terms and conditions at the bottom of the deals information.
What is the refund policy for the vacations?
Booksi provides numerous different variations of accommodation that each have their own cancellation and refund policies. For more in-depth information regarding these policies please view our Terms Of Use where you will find the exact details of each.
What happens if I don’t call to verify my booking within the 15 minutes suggested at the time of booking my dates?
Although we do suggest getting your booking verified as soon as possible as this will help to guarantee the availability you have selected, this does not mean that you have lost your money if you do not speak with someone within the allotted time. Either your booking will be organised at your earliest convenience to speak with an agent, or, if by the time you speak with an agent, the availability has gone, you will simply be asked to select new dates that are available.
Is my vacation transferrable to family and friends?
When purchasing a Booksi Special Offer deal you will enjoy 18 months to select your dates. If you would like to provide the vacation to a qualified family member or friend in place of you travelling this is fine. However, this deal will not be transferrable once the dates have been set.
How do I reserve my travel dates?
At the time of purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with booking instructions outlining exactly how to request your preferred dates for the vacation. Please check if you have received this both in your inbox and please also check your junk box. You can also go directly to and login where you will see the “Book Reservation” tab at the top of the screen. Follow this link where you will gain access to any and all vacations that you have activated in the “My Reservations” section. From here you will be given the option to select your dates for each.
Why can't I book to go straight away?

Our special offers have a minimum requirement of 10 days notice. This is a requirement set by the hotels themselves. We look to provide as much flexibility as possible which can been seen when looking at the incredible availability we have for customers to take advantage of.

How do I see hotel availability before buying the offer?
Our offers are promoted as “flexible” which provide 18 months to select the dates. Unfortunately, the availability for each hotel can only be accessed once the deal has been purchased. However, our availability is fantastic and in general provides all year round inventory. We suggest booking 3 months in advance for the best chance of attaining desired dates.
Who Is Monster Reservations Group?

Monster Reservations Group are our partners that help us service our incredible offers and guarantee that you have access to book your vacations at a time that suits you best. Thanks to Booksi's partnership with Monster Reservations Group, we are able to offer you more flexibility on dates, more destinations to travel, & upgraded accommodations.